About Us




The Brand

Compliment and coordinate, or mix and match? It’s your choice

Fashion is a constant form of expression. What we wear reflects our personality, mood and character. We have outfits for work and downtime, for nighttime and playtime. But how does your staple watch fit in? Does that one watch work in every situation? Does it marry well with every piece in your wardrobe? Chances are, probably not. But that’s where Parsonii comes in.

Just like the chameleon our name pays tribute to, Parsonii watches’ customizable faces and straps change with you – and your style. We took the classic accessory and introduced functionality that allows for infinite variation. We are a brand founded on a necessity – to change when you want, and change because you can.

The Design

Bridging the gap between uncomplicated and sophisticated

In a watch world saturated with crowded designs, we boast a straightforward, modest composition that’s as sharp at your nine to five as it is after hours. Parsonii watches easily adhere to any outfit, any occasion.

Our watches feature a large profile and a bold face. The solid bar functionality of the watch allows for constant substitution with interchangeable straps. And at nine millimeters high, the face sits comfortably and trim on your wrist. But above all, it’s uncomplicated, creating a blank canvas for you to express your personal aesthetic.

The Watch to Replace All Watches

Step up your watch game & stay fluid in your fashion

Don’t stay stuck in a routine of wearing the same watch over & over! We’re going to revolutionize how you wear watches — and we’re going to save you from monotony. Customize a box set that fits your style, personality & wardrobe all for around $130 — essentially three watches for the price of one.

If you need more variety you can always add more straps to you arsenal: we’ll soon have a surplus of varieties including nylon, leather and tweed to name a few. We’re working on our next strap collection — stay tuned and check back often for updates.

Like we said, we’re going to save you from the routine of strapping on the same, worn watch you always reach for. In exchange, we’ll arm you with the watch to replace all watches: Parsonii.