Mega Box Set: The Complete Collection




**Almost $300 worth of accessories for FREE!**


What do you win?

An entire Parsonii watch box set collection of your choice. We’re calling it a Mega Box Set! This will include 2 watch faces and 6 interchangeable straps. That’s 12 different looks all in one package!


What’s a Box Set?

Parsonii Box Sets contain 1 watch face and 3 interchangeable straps. But because this is MEGA, you’re getting a lot more! You’ll win 2 watch faces and 6 interchangeable straps!


What does this all mean? Box Set, Collection, 

A collection refers to the watch face dial color, either Carbon (black dial) or Catalyst (white dial). 


Collections have 3 different watch case finishes: Gold, Silver, or Brushed Bronze.


There are also 6 different strap colors to mix and match with your wardrobe!



How do you redeem if you win?

We’ll contact you! All you need to do is select a finish, either Gold, Silver or Brushed Bronze. But then you’re done! The rest is on us. We’ll pick out and package up the entire collection, including the 2 watch faces in your selected finish and all 6 interchangeable straps with matching buckles.